Dialogue skills for young people

We collaborate with schools where we implement courses in dialogue & discussion skills and skills for critical thinking. At the moment work with pupils between 12 and 17 years old, using two methods: Philosophy for Children (P4C) and Thinking Moves. These are very accessible ways to learn basic skills based on questions and observations of youngsters themselves.

In order to expend the impact on and collaboration with schools and universities in Estonia, we aim at setting up and training a flexible pool of dialogue teachers, in collaboration with P4C experts from the Tartu University. And with Finish partners we are preparing a pilot for introducing board gaming in Estonia as a tool for learning discussion skills is a playful way, and to push back against digital stress and overload among young people. Read more

Pool of dialogue facilitators

We are setting up a pool of dialogue facilitators that is able to step in when dialogue is needed in different parts of the Estonian society. As a first step in establishing this group, we joined forces with DD Center for Democracy. They are dedicated to implement dialogue processes trough Citizens’ Assemblies in and around Estonia.

Recently the first assembly of the capital Tallinn took place, around the issue of climate change. In 2024 we are together organising a first training program for dialogue facilitators for future deliberative processes in Estonia. Later on, we want to extend our program to also start training dialogue leaders; people who can help implementing the outcomes of citizens’ assemblies by continuing dialogues with all key stakeholders afterwards.

Improving public dialogue

Many public discussions in Estonia use the panel as the only form of discussion. The problem with most panels is that they are not interactive, don’t give the audience a voice and don’t support collective thinking. In order to improve the culture of public dialogue and public discussion, we will set up an updated training course for moderators and organisers of discussions. We will do this in cooperation with various partners in Estonia.

In line with this, we also want to develop a public training programme for individuals, non-profit organisations and companies. We plan to focus on skills for organising, facilitating and participating in community dialogue. And courses in empathic leadership – leading by listening – for dialogue skills for politicians and business leaders.

Baltic Dialogue Meetup

We are preparing to start organising a yearly Baltic Dialogue Meetup, in collaboration with Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian partners, starting from 2025. The aim is to bring dialogue experts, public servants, democracy advocates, human rights activists, etc. from these countries and the wider region (e.g. Finland, Poland, Ukraine, Sweden) together to learn from each other’s methods and for knowledge exchange.

Regional dialogue network

In order to boost a more permanent exchange, we are setting up a regional network with dialogue advocates and practitioners. At the moment initiating contacts with experts from Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Poland and Estonia, plus advisors from the Netherlands. As our founder originally comes from the Netherlands, he builds bridges between dialogue practises in Eastern and Western Europe as well.

We are very open for collaboration. Please get in touch with us.