Estonian Dialogue Academy
Eesti Dialoogiakadeemia

The Estonian Dialogue Academy is a place of encounter, inspiration and learning. We teach dialogue and critical thinking skills, we train dialogue facilitators and organisers, and we promote a more inclusive and interactive culture of communication – in local communities, schools, NGOs, governments, businesses, politics and public discussion.

Our Mission is to empower all people in Estonia to actively participate in group dialogue and public discussion.

Our Vision is a society where people feel the confidence to start or engage in any discussion on any subject they find important, on our way towards a more open, inclusive and tolerant communities and a vibrant democracy.

We act in this process as a knowledge broker, both locally and internationally. Together with partners in the wider Baltic region, we are helping to build a network of dialogue practitioners, facilitators, organisers and consultants. We also involve experts in deliberative democracy and citizen participation.

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